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barkinupthewrongtree01On a recent Sunday morning when the wind was particularly cold and blustery and the recent friendliness of warm Indian summer sunshine had been replaced by a strong north wind that forced my hands deeper into my much too thin fall jacket; I walked with a cluttered mind down a gravel path at a local park. As I walked my mind and heart began clearing up a bit and I remembered that when my life in Christ was brand new and I was really a fish out of my water, I would find solace and reassurance and the Holy Spirit would find me…where I was walking this Sunday morning. And now this morning, as I started connecting with my surroundings, my eye found some of the most incredible visuals and I had a sense that I was to see beyond myself and my own “stuff” and see the trees despite the forest and so I tried and I think I did, I am…
Now as I’m posting this it seems that the life and death photo is a scene that has been oft repeated in my life. Something (effort, dream…) comes to fruition but then it dies or dramatically changes…it all seems dead…or perhaps it’s when my “self” dies…then, upon closer inspection…there is life, there is green among the browns and life more abundantly than I first assumed.
barrennovember05 damclosetothewater06 seeingthetreesfortheforest04

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