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Anyone that knows me at all would tell you that I love coffee. One of my favorites is a Chemex pour-over that the barista’s at my church, GCC Elkhart, create for me. As a bonus, we have a great space within which to serve it too. (For more on that, see my previous post.)

I am also a big fan of Starbucks.

  • Got the app
  • Gold membership
  • Speak the language – “venti bold, please

Oh, and I get timely emails reminding me that exclusive offers are about to expire. Thanks Starbucks!

Today, I received this…









reminding me that a bonus rewards star was mine if I came in for a tea after 2p today. As I admired the graphics, the slight insinuation to what I think must be the Star in the East caught my attention and then my gaze shifted to the two letters on my desk from a couple families that are having a difficult time celebrating. In fact the “oh, what fun” in the ad, probably doesn’t resonate so much.

There is probably no better way to celebrate this season of joy than to represent Jesus to those that might just need a hand up.

Perhaps, you’re looking for just such an opportunity…if you’d like to put the fun and celebration into this Christmas season for a couple families, leave a comment or shoot me an email at and I’ll hook you up.


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