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A couple of weeks ago Branford Marsalis played the Goshen College Music Center and, since I purchased season passes for the music series at the college, Brenda and I attended the concert. 

I enjoyed it. Brenda didn’t. 

After 28 years of marriage our differences, interests and preferences sometimes seem more pronounced than ever. 

Marriage just never ceases to be hard work, even when you’ve been married a long time. 

We still experience times that feel like the wheels are coming off. 

This morning we sat with a couple that is taking steps to remove some of the bandaids in order to address the deep pain of the past – to avoid repeating the experiences that created the need for healing in the first place. Couples that choose to give their marriage its rightful place as the most important relationship, above any other, are courageous and wise. Working hard to build and retain honesty, loyalty and trustworthiness is imperative for success in all relationships but none as important as the one with your spouse. The rewards for this hard work far exceed the wonderful way it will impact the two of you. The ripple effect goes through your family and right on into your community. 

Healthy families give birth to healthy communities. 

About the concert series season tickets… we’ve agreed that my well-intentioned hope that Brenda would develop an appreciation for music outside the 80’s rock genre…is just wishful thinking. So, I may be extending an invite to some lucky soul to join me for a concert sometime soon. 

Until then, invest in your marriage. Love sacrificially. Lay aside your interests for the sake of the other. While you’re at it support Hallmark and buy a Valentine. (It’s Tuesday) You’re welcome. 


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