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past-present-future-sign1Deep inside all of us we want more than lives of scarcity and need. Regardless of who we are, where we come from or where we are going we have a desire to live beyond constant want – when we grasp the rich generosity of the Spirit in us, we represent Jesus in our neighborhood in ways that much to the surprise of those looking in from the outside is refreshing and relevant.

Our response to His redemptive work in us is critical to bring about his greater purposes in our lives.  We are plan A there is no plan B for representing the kingdom of God here in this broken world. Do you know that you are blessed? Do you know that you have incredible value? Do you know that the author of evil, satan is determined to steal and destroy?

As long as he is allowed to infiltrate the ranks of the followers of Jesus and as long as the followers of Jesus don’t tell him to get the hell out, he will continue his absurd ridiculous deception!

So many of My children trust in their appearance, their public persona. They no longer trust in Me alone. They have loaned themselves to the one that never satisfies, never consoles, never brings life, always brings destruction, defeat, criticism, self loathing, denial of the righteousness that is only found in Me. 

The evil one makes it difficult to type me and easier to insert us because the me is so personal and devastating to address. When I confess to the evil in me I run the risk of being found out for who I really am, for the lies that I believe about me. 

Jesus says,  don’t you know child that you are mine? No matter the direction of your life you can never escape the love that is Me. My love covers all. My love restores you from the depths of your mess. I deal in messiness. I bring life.  

When your past comes calling,  its just calling to see if it can stay, its not expecting to, because your past knows WHOSE you are.  Your past knows that to call on you is to bring doubt and fear back into the room that has been reserved for the pure and righteous one, the one who brings life and redemption and healing. So when your past comes calling, and it will, remind it of your redemption in Jesus!


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