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hello friends! i hope you’ve been enjoying the stories and the simplicity of tuning in, being aware and taking steps.

meet anna. she is married, works part-time and is a busy mother of 4 kiddos. here are a couple of beautiful nuggets in the middle of her crazy days…

“Day 3: “Today…I had lots of opportunities to love on people. I provided transport and took the chance in conversations with my nieces that went so good! We just connected on a deeper level, which opens the door for them to trust and know that I am available if they have more things that come up in the future and they need someone to share with. (later) My cousin was watching her son on the playground … we had been best friends all throughout childhood, but when we chose not to stay Amish, our relationship ended. So, I walked across the yard and talked with her, making an effort to not stay “surfacy” in our conversation. It was so healing for both of us!

Day 4: Today was a busy one and the Holy Spirit was not hindered by the speed! He has not failed to speak to me! I love this small but so effective act of awareness that has so changed the course of my day in a way that brings a great amount of significance. (My) girls were fighting and as I stepped in to “fix” the problem, I heard Him say “use less words”. I gladly responded, using little words and – no joke – the thing ended and peace was made!”

thanks, anna! your stories show that it’s really not that complicated! people are at the heart of God and when we align with that, beautiful moments blossom.

brenda troyer

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