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This coming Sunday, January 14 is LAUNCH SUNDAY for RESTō We’ve experienced three experimental gatherings. We called them pre-launch gatherings. These events allowed us to introduce ourselves and begin clarifying what it is that we’ve been called to as followers of the Jesus Way and more specifically what RESTō is and what we believe it will be. Four hundred seventy eight (478) people joined us during these pre-launch events but we believe that there are many more in our community that will come and call this place “home”. I hope you’ll be one of those!

As we bring this expression of church to Goshen, it’s the culmination of visions and dreams coming to life in a manner that was not necessarily expected but wow, are we excited about it! Starting something from scratch, allows us to create and dream in concert with our Creator as to what this all might look like. We’re asking questions like: What inspires us? What brings real life change? How do we practically live out the life that Jesus calls us to live? It’s kind of cool that we’re starting a new church at the beginning of 2018. We can ask: What does God want to do in us this year? How can we best position ourselves to live life to the fullest?

As we begin a new year, it’s tempting to join the “new year, new you” chorus but we all know that it takes more than a new year to make a new you. It takes a lot of hard work and determination it requires us to dig deep and address the mess we or others have created….the selfish, me first childish attitudes that we love so much but that work against everything we hope to accomplish and be in this life. So, here’s what we’re going to jump into as we launch on the 14th…well, let me ask a question first: What does living the good life mean to you? Let’s just start there. Send me your first thoughts at and lets see what comes up.

That’s where we’re going starting January 14. We’ll look at THE GOOD LIFE. Nope, we’ll actually do more than just look at it for four weeks, we’ll be talking about and getting tools to live the good life. After all, when Jesus says that He came to give us life and that we could live it abundantly, He wasn’t just playing around with words. He, for all practical purposes was describing our destiny as people living out of “knowing Him and our neighbor”. So engage your mind and heart about this topic of THE GOOD LIFE and come expecting a word from God as we gather together to worship, to pray and to practice the way of peace and the way of love. For more, watch this.

I can’t wait to see you and your family on January 14. RESTō is located in beautiful downtown Goshen at 216 South Main Street at the historic Goshen Theater. Get all the deets at

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