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As the earth revolves on its axis and the seasons change so, seemingly, does my writing. My last two posts have been all about major announcements. So, today I’ll keep the apparent tradition…announcing a baby of sorts. No! While I can’t wait to be a real gpa, that’s not what this is about. Today I’m happy to announce that our brand new website is up and running! Just type “” in the browser of choice or click on the link above and you’ll be one of the first to get a look at the new site.

It wasn’t so many years ago that we were dependent on print, tv, radio and face-to-face communication to deliver the news that was important to our organizations. Today, with the launch of RESTō we’ve depended solely on social media, our (prelaunch) website, a few print pieces and word of mouth to get the word out. The beauty of this is that our reach is not limited to a certain geographical area and allows for impact around the world. The interconnectedness of you and I and the world is a great responsibility. As we launch Sunday services on January 14, we will take another step in acquainting each other with the power of that “in-person” connection that can’t be replaced by any manner of technology or flash-bang gizmo. When we’re together, in the same space, human to human, there is nothing like it. It’s what we’re created for. Relationship. With God and other humans. So, have fun checking out our website but, better yet, join our tribe and together we’ll forge ahead creating a community of faith, hope and love.

Many of us had a hand in the development and the vibe of the site but, as often happens in the process of a project, a lot of movement happens behind the scenes. So, a lot of love for all the help and insight to a few of those people.

I won’t even pretend to understand anything about building a website but our web designer, Ashley Swanson does and was an absolute pleasure to work with.

Jami Ruth ran point on the project and covered all the details with her typical tenacity for excellence and thoroughness.

Photographer Grant Beachy and my family’s life has somehow or another been intertwined over the last number of years. From shooting our kids’ weddings, to now investing in the capturing of the prelaunch moments of RESTō, his incredible work is in the videos and the photos throughout the website.

Brenda Troyer, Brax Vandervort and Tami Vandervort all took their grammar and spell check skills to a new level with this project.

Thank you for the speed with which all of you worked to meet the deadlines and create a site that we can all be proud of! Thank you for everything! I’m ever so grateful!!


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