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PSA…public service announcement or prostate-specific antigen? Yes, it is the latter.

Previous blog posts have described the journey the queen and I have been on since my prostate cancer diagnosis in January. She has also done some terrific writing on the subject on her facebook page, when I wasn’t up to it during surgery and recovery.

We’re now seven weeks post-surgery and I’m feeling “almost” normal. By all accounts, I’m in a very fortunate position of early detection and, likely, complete recovery of bodily functions, interrupted by invasive surgery.

I’m so grateful to be on this side of it.

I’ve discovered a few things…that naps are a requirement of the healing process. That patience is a virtue that, apparently, needed a little more development in my life. That incontinence is no joke. That the love of family and friends is a beautiful thing to have when taking a ride on the C train. That the queen has earned her crown, again.

Next week I’ll have a follow up conversation with the surgeon. Today, I had the first, of what will be regular, blood draws to monitor my PSA count. I’m not worried, but I’ll be really happy to hear how low it is.

Thank you for your many prayers and well-wishes! It has meant more than we could ever express!

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