A word from my love, Brenda, who is guest blogging all this week. -g

thanks for joining me on this journey of intentional, Holy Spirit-guided living…a ”grander vision living of radical inclusiveness”. of exploring what it looks like to let my day be ordered by the Gospel message, focused on people instead of my agenda. focused on seeing ALL people as Jesus sees them and loving them, without judgement.  with 24/7 access, we listen to the Holy Spirit who was given to us as a guide and counselor.
instead of the Gospel being something i check off of my list (i prayed, read my Bible – now off to do “life”), it is the umbrella of protection and guidance that informs everything i do and am: my work, family, friendships, finances, health, etc.  if the Gospel message, that Christ is enough,  is the “main thing”, i can just BE me – authentically who He created me to be, for the purpose He designed me for. He already DID all the work when He died & rose again! so, now i let Him use me in my every day interactions to reveal Himself and His love.
these beautiful women shared brief stories of how the Holy Spirit guided and nudged them as they intentionally listened/looked for it in their every day lives last week. stories of stepping into “uncomfortable” and being amazed. of excuses turning into obedience and then huge blessings. God-moments and encounters. so many stories, so little time!
so, i’ll be adding more stories every day this week, but first, here is the guide they used to journal their stories.  you may find it helpful as well.
and friends, BE YOU.  you are one-of-a-kind and so loved by God – and He wants to use your life to build His Kingdom.
– Brenda




just BE. you

as you reflect on this series and colossians 4.5-6 in these next days (in your home, work, family – normal, every-day life):

purpose to:

1)  focus your attention totally on others’ needs/wants and on the Holy Spirit’s agenda

2)  pray for open doors

3)  SEE everyone through the eyes of Jesus (the barista, co-workers, family, cashier,

neighbors, mechanic, homeless person asking for help, etc)

4)  respond with love, grace, mercy, compassion (be like pure salt)

5)  “walk across the room” and engage someone you don’t know/know well

journal your results daily:

  • how did you feel when you did this?
  • what opportunities did you have? or become aware of when you LOOKED for them?
  • what did you do differently than usual?
  • how did you hear/experience the Holy Spirit? (promptings, things that “popped” into yourmind, Bible verses, etc)
  • was it difficult? uncomfortable? costly? inconvenient?THEN as you ponder:

A)  is the Gospel the “main thing”?

B)  do your priorities line up with the heart of God?

C)  what ARE you living for? do your words and actions align?

D)  do you prize people enough to share the Good News with them?

E)  what do you want your life to have been about? (things or people)


F)  how you could expand your “everyday life” to include (and influence) those that don’t know Jesus or haven’t yet said yes to the Jesus way…to just walk across the room

G)  how you could take what you’re already good at and shift your motivation to things that are eternal (people, souls) instead of temporal (stuff you can’t take with you)…

H)  what it looks like to give every aspect of your life to the grander vision of radical inclusion: saying “YES” to people – to SEEING everyone and focusing on the fact that each one is a child of God and worthy of being redeemed…

“the Cross is the blazing fire at which the flame of our love is kindled, but we have to get near enough for its sparks to fall on us.” john stott

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