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At key moments I’ve had people come into my life, even when I didn’t know I needed them and often when I didn’t think I had any room in my life for more people. But there they were intruding, interrupting and turning me around and upside down. So this weekend as I preached in the Go Pro or Go Home series, I really just had to recount the times where God intercepted my life with people to realize again that my life is not my own and the wonder of God’s interception at key moments, at just the right time, turned into incredible gratefulness. I am more open, more thoughtful, more a lot of things, really, because of the influence of mentors and meddlers 🙂 in my life. Check out this film, shot with Go Pro cameras, capturing the beauty of being the “other” for your friend.

I wonder who needs you to step into their life at just the right time? Who needs you to speak the words of life deep into their soul at just the right time? It’ll never happen unless we point our feet a different direction and determine that we is better than me. It’ll never happen unless we see things differently. It’ll never happen unless we determine to do whatever it takes to accept that people matter and it’ll never happen unless we believe that this is all worth it. We’re in this together and I’m telling you and the Spirit of God confirms it, it is worth it!

As long as we have breath, we have purpose!

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