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barproject-logo-180My church, Granger Community Church, launched the Bar Project this month. We’re in the second, 2 year phase of the 2016 Vision and we are investing our money, gifts and talents to bring the kingdom of God from up there, down here. The Bar Project is not just about raising 4.5 million above our normal giving…it is that, and so much more. With this project we again have an opportunity to give sacrificially to a cause that is community transformation, it is activating the GCC campuses, it is erasing debt and it is so much more.

So I’ve been wondering…I wonder if you realize how important the next two years are for GCC. Here in Elkhart, the 2016 vision, launched without a permanent Elkhart  space and yet we understood that the work that was happening at the Granger campus was work that would serve to draw people to Jesus and we gladly gave and invested. In 2011 through an awesome move of God we landed at a our new-to-us, permanent home at 2701 East Bristol St.! Renovations have happened but there is more to come in 2013 as we transform additional spaces to invite our neighborhood onto our campus and into a life of following Jesus. And, I wonder if you know that Mike, Taylor, Jody, Nicole, Michael, Sarah, Paul and many others that have accepted the invitation to step into relationship with Jesus, did so because we, the people of GCC, serve an integral role in our community and neighborhoods when we commit to being part of something bigger. Something much bigger than ourselves, big enough that only God can do it! I wonder if what you can do seems too insignificant. I wonder, because although it’s been said many times, it bears repeating. Everyone can do something, no matter how great or small, it all counts.

Everyone can do something.

Bill Hybels often says that “the local church is the hope of the world”, if you believe that then you’re invited to join the movement. The movement that is helping people take their next steps toward Christ…together. The movement that is GCC. Everyone can do something. Everyone can walk the Jesus way of sacrifice and love. It’s a decision that almost 500 individuals and families have made in their commitment to the next 2 years of this vision. But there is much work to be done and in order to meet the goals that we believe God is asking us to reach, many more of us have the opportunity to join this God sized task. So, go read stories from people who have already pledged. See, in their own words, why this is important enough for them to invest in. Pray and ask God what He’s asking YOU to do. And, if you have questions and want to talk about why this matters to me, grab me after one of our services. I’d love to chat with you or if you prefer, just leave a comment below.

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