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Kings and Queens.

They rise and fall.

But the enduring relationships of our lives are filled with royals who trudge through all the dark and treacherous places with us. My queen is a royal of royals navigating life with me for over 30 years and this week we begin another journey into what at times has felt like a dark abyss.

I have cancer.

Prostate cancer.

Cancer sucks.

I am having surgery on Tuesday, May 18.

Those are the facts.

What is true is that it was discovered early and for that we are grateful beyond words!

What is also true is that I am assigned to one of the top surgeons in the field of Prostate Cancer who has pioneered a procedure previously not thought possible called Precision Prostatectomy which I have tested and qualified for. This procedure will, if successful, retain some of the prostate which means that compromised bodily functions have a greater degree of recovery, in a shorter period of time. For this we are also deeply grateful!

The surgery is major. The prognosis is good.

The count down is on.

I’m Dealing in HOPE!

I’ll be back soon.

Thank you for all your prayers, past and future!

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