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Because it’s worth it – when it first rolled off the lips of the lead team member, I thought, “well, there is an often used phrase that is familiar and comfortable. I wondered if it could gain traction as a driver for the initiative that we were about to launch.”

I’m 52 and so by all accounts, well into the last half of my life. There are days when I still wonder what really will be the legacy of my life? Am I living my life in such a way that trust – not just in me and my leadership but more importantly in the One that I represent – is given consideration by those that are watching me? If you have anyone, and you surely do have someone that is watching and asking whether or not they can trust you too. They’re watching to see if your words and actions agree with each other.

They’re watching to see if your talk of Sunday matches your Monday actions.

They’re watching to see if the choices you make reflect their desire to be chosen. They want to know if their life is worth it.

I believe people matter and people are worth it. I believe to choose to live generously – to give more of my time, more of my talent and more of my treasure – is to choose so others feel chosen. I also believe that when I decide, I make a decision to live the way of Jesus. I believe that as I step up my giving game, your game is impacted and our church and community are impacted. Real transformation can happen when we, you and I together take steps of generous living.

So, has “Because It’s Worth It” gained traction? Is this discipline of generosity going to inform our decision making? Will we consider what we will do with our time, our talent, our treasure? What is your Next Step (pge 24) in financial generosity? Consistency? Percentage? Tithing? Progressive? Fearless? Will you choose so that others feel chosen? This coming weekend we will complete and hand in our “Count Me In Card” as we close out this series. I’m believing for an incredible move of God as we look forward to what God will do as we submit our time, treasure and talent.

Come this weekend. Let’s do more together than what any of us could do alone! Make an investment in what God is doing through the mission of Granger Community Church. Because it’s Sunday, but Monday is coming and they are watching!




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