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Even though he struggled, and repeatedly asked the Father, if there wasn’t another way, even though he wept tears of sorrow like great drops of blood,

Jesus picked up the cross.

His way was not a highway of Hosannas.

His way was not the concourse of cheers.

His way was the journey to Jerusalem, the journey to Skull Hill.

Jesus knew it, the disciples didn’t. Jesus walked it, the disciples only followed. Jesus embraced it, his followers fled.

Remarkably, all of this was for our forgiveness, our salvation, our life.

Because Jesus picked up the cross and gave his life, we can live. Because Jesus picked up the cross, this world is forever changed, lives are forever made whole and sin has lost its death-grip on humankind.

Because Jesus picked up the cross to forgive us, we can forgive and have real life! 

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