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Prior to our arrival at GCC, our family had never been, to my recollection, at a Christmas Eve service.  Now, 4 years in, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. This incredible night of wonder and joy is filled with candlelight, with music and with worship. It’ll be a night you’ll not soon forget.

Here at the Elkhart campus we’re offering services at 5p, 6:30p and 8p and free tickets are available here. It’s an all-skate, family worship experience. Bring your cameras and catch the wonder in your children’s eyes as together we worship the King of Kings who moved into the neighborhood, became one of us and spilled His blood for our redemption. Jesus our Savior! Bring your friends and neighbors and together we’ll celebrate!

Oh, and don’t be late – you won’t want to miss the opening.

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