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My two best days of the year are here. The Leadership Summit broadcast live from Willow Creek Community Church has had tremendous impact in my life. It’s my annual leadership jump start, refresher and sometimes it has been my deep well of clear, sparkling water of life.  I’ll be posting bullet points or session summaries throughout Summit.





  • Without Gods help leadership is difficult to maintain. 
  • Old fashioned fortitude and bravery corolates to every aspect of leadership. 
  • Vision is a picture of the future that creates passion in people.  

Joshua 1:9 –  Be strong and courageous. God is with you he will never forsake you.

  • Every significant vision that God births in you will take a certain amount of courage.  What are you lacking?
  • God made us leaders not so we can sit and suck air. Don’t go to your grave with cool visions shriveling up inside of you. visions are holy commodities that come from our transcendent God. 

1.) Define current reality~

  • When in a downturn, leaders have to communicate the dire circumstances.
  • When in status quo, leaders set a fire. Must convince the team that death to the orginization is inevitable if the status quo is the norm.
  • In an upswing leaders must keep pouring gas on the fire. Encourage, cheerlead and help everyone get to the next level.

If your organization is in a downturn or in a state of status quo, the whole team knows. Step up and lead them out…

2.) Courage to build a fantastic culture~

  • People join organizations but they leave managers. 
  • Staff cultures will only ever be as healthy as the sr leader or ceo wants it to be. Enormous courage is going to be needed to change the culture. I would add humble leadership that can lay down its own pride to create culture change is imperative. Bruising and busting culture is no longer acceptable. 

3.) Establishment and enforcement of values~

Sometimes a leader must throw down the gauntlet and say from now on this is the new paradigm, letting the chips fall where they may. Vision must become a value to bring about necessary change.

Courage is hard, it’s risky, you may lose something to gain what God ultimately is asking you to do. What are you willing to lose in order to bring about the best possible outcome for your team, your organization, your church?




  • Leadership is always about followership. Leaders must never forget to invest in followers.
  • Execution of the plan is the most important part of the progress.
  • Get the best people and empower them, trust them to make the decisions within their sphere of influence.
  • Great leaders must prove their mettle regardless of how they got to where they got.
  • It’ll look different in the morning ~ It may not but don’t panic. It’s not necessarily a prediction but it’s a attitude.
  • Perpetual optimism is a force mulitiplier.
  • Get mad but get over it!
  • Leaders are people that solve problems. If you aren’t solving problems: people don’t think you can or care to solve them.

Aspiring leaders:

  • Must be humble – Ego will keep them from moving forward
  • Promote people on their potential.

I’m a product of everyone who has intersected my life.

Tell me early~ create environments that encourage openness.




Job Misery~

  • Anonymity: When leaders don’t take an interest in other people its like throwing money into the fire.
  • Irrelevance: If our job isn’t making a difference or expressing relevance to someones life…we must help our people find their purpose in the work they’re doing.
  • Immeasurement: All people need to have a way to measure their performance – Are they making a difference? Are they successful?

Change these three and its a game changer for the organization but more personally it’s truly life change.







  • Multiplier or diminisher?
  • How do we speak into the lives of the people around us? Our co-workers, those we oversee, or pastor, or teach?
  • Do we diminsh or add value to our relationships?

Don’t just be a genious , be a genius maker!




  • See people for who they’re becoming.
  • If you want to lead strong in your community say YES!  But regularly say NO too,  because if you make margin in your life – Jesus will fill it up with fantastic things.
  • Be awesome as your Father in heaven is awesome!

I haven’t read Bob’s book but I intend to. Bob is a lawyer, the consul to Uganda, a humorist. I found him to be incredibly engaging as he spoke to the matter of both mission to Uganda and life in general. Problem: I don’t have many notes because I was laughing too hard.




Chris is one of 4 Sr. leaders at North Coast and for his talk he wove powerful biblical stories into practical hands-on tools for our leadership.

  • Celebrate the achievements of those you lead-don’t be threatened with the success of others.
  • Do you have room in your chariot for a David? Are you intimidated by smart, strong, young leaders?
  • When forced to choose will I expand His kingdom or my reputation.
  • What difference is the Holy Spirit making in the way that I lead?

Watch me, I”m the son of God – I didn’t come to be served but to serve. – Jesus

  • Joseph lost his coat of many colors and found character in Pharaohs kingdom .
  • Healthier teams, start asking a different question: How can I be the best Jesus I can be?








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