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Saturday mornings! I love them so much! At this stage of life with Refresh Hair Design Studio in full swing and Brenda immersed in everything that goes into building a new business, I’m usually on my own. Guess what one of my favorite things is?? Well, a year ago when Brenda and Morgan were opening the studio, I was researching some options for connecting handheld devices to a music/speaker system and I came across a little device by Google called Chromecast. It allows certain music services to be streamed from your IPhone or other inferior, non-Apple devices (chill, my friend, I’m just yanking your chain) to stereo and/or speaker systems. At the time I bought two, thinking that’s what I needed, but turns out I only needed one and when you over-buy something like this, as a business owner, you naturally take it home. Just in case.

I have a Bose Wave Radio/CD stereo that has occupied a shelf next to the fireplace for years. For years  it has sat there dormant until Christmas comes around and our traditional playing of the Mannheim Steamroller cd while decorating the tree required its services. Now, by connecting this little $35 device to the audio input, voila! the Bose has a new lease on life. It’s a sweet thing, this old Bose, Chromecast and Spotify! What does this have to do with Saturdays? Everything. A post ago, I eluded to a musical preference gap in my family…my eclectic taste in tunes stretches all the way to Willie and Waylon and, unless I’m by myself, there ain’t no way in hades I’ll be playing this music.

This brings me to this morning. I’m alone in the house, the Bose crankin’, reading, writing and catch myself mid-groove, dancing as only my Amish blood can’t, to the wail of the steel guitar and Waylon beckoning me to go to Luckenbach, Texas, with him and Willy and the boys. This morning just went from good to great and, in my mind, I’m on my way to Texas. In the meantime, this Chromecast deal is the cat’s-meow, it’s the bee’s-knees, it’s the shiz and it helps me do one of my favorite things – listening to outlaw country music at “rattle the windows” volume and making an honest attempt to summon the dancing spirit that’s got to be in there somewhere. I’m still looking. 


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