Many of you have heard the partial story of Benji. You’ve heard enough that you may be wearing a wrist band as a reminder to pray for him. I am so grateful and his family is even more so as we, together as a community of believers, continue to ask God for his favor to be on Benji and his need for a new liver.

Thank you for continuing to pray – may His will be done, in His time. If you want to leave an encouraging note or to read more of his story, you can do so at several locations:







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  1. Praying For Benji Daily!!!!
    Our Church Staff Is Praying Daily At ROCK CITY CHURCH COLUMBUS For Benji And Cindy And Allen, And The Family!! Praying For A WORKING LIVER AND PANCREAS…THIS SIDE OF HEAVEN!! Praying For Benji’s MELD SCORE To Stay High Enough To Stay On The Transplant List, And For The LIVER/Pancreas To Come ASAP!!,,,I Know It Is About God’s Time…We Also Pray For Benji To Have Continued Strength, And A Hope In Christ While ALL This Continues To Go On In His Body.


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